GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer (quick and easy installation)

GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer (quick and easy installation)

  • Head-up display – projects vehicle speed on windshield
  • Automatic brightness adjustment – to suit ambient light level
  • No installation needed – simply plug into your car’s cigarette lighter
  • Five speed warning limits may be set for either Km/hr or MPH.
  • Adjustable mounting bracket lets you set the unit at a desired angle

Keep your eyes on the roadAt 65 mph, looking down for a second to check the speedometer means driving blind for 95 feet. Many accidents start during the time a driver glances down and fails to see sudden traffic changes ahead. Now, drive safely by never looking down to check speed again with the GPS Head-Up Display Speedometer. You may also set overspeed warning with the touch of a button. When the preset speed limit is exceeded, a visual indicator lights up and an optional alarm beeps (for up t
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